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One of the significant aspects of our services at PPP Experts is our financial solutions.

In the recent times, it has been increasingly found that a proper cooperation between the public and private sectors leads to the execution of successful projects. Different countries are coming to terms with the fact that public entities are capable of utilising limited funds and delivering projects in a rapid pace while the private sector is considerably empowered to ensure value creation through capital structuring, risk transfer, lifelong cost-reduction and innovation. However, as government entities are collaborating with their public sector counterparts, there is a simultaneous endeavor to tide over the challenges of appropriate risk allocation based on multiple parameters like construction, financial, regulatory, political, maintenance and operational. To address the multifarious financial challenges within the PPP project framework, PPP experts has come up with a range of financial advisory services that aim at optimising funds, which result in winning bids, consequently maximising equity returns. Our financial advisory assistance includes:

  • Risk Analysis and subsequent risk allocation
  • Assistance for efficient financial modeling and funding strategy
  • Advisory solutions relating to tender process (for public sector) and bid submission (for private sector)
  • Assistance in tax structure, accounting and various other commercial issues.

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